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On Saturday we will start our holidays before returning to Germany on the 21st December. We already have planned each day and most of the tours are booked so that the preparations are nearly finished. Here a short overview about what we will do/where we will be:

  • Great Ocean Road
  • Melbourne
  • Cairns
  • Helicopter flight over the Great Barrier Reef
  • Diving/Snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef
  • Whitsundays
  • Fraser Island
  • Brisbane
  • Sydney

We hope that we will have the chance to find internet and update news during our trip along the east coast. It's a busy time, but we are sure we will enjoy it!


Last days!

Hey guys,

Today we started our last week in Adelaide. Only 4 working days are left! On Saturday we will head off to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road to start our ‘2 weeks holiday adventure explore Australia tour’!

See you soon.

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First Sunday of Advent

We wish everybody a nice first advent!

For the English speaking people:              For the Germans:

Light the Advent candle one.                    Wir sagen euch an den lieben Advent.
Now the waiting has begun                      Sehet die erste Kerze brennt!
We have started on our way                    Wir sagen euch an eine heilige Zeit,
Time to think of Christmas Day.                Machet dem Herrn den Weg bereit!.

Candle, candle burning bright,                  Freut euch ihr Christen,
shining in the cold winter night                 Freuet euch sehr!
Candle, candle burning bright                   Schon ist nahe der Herr.
Fill our hearts with Christmas light.

We know that its not the same song, but both are common in each language.

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Held presentations for our theses

Hey everyone,

today we held our presetations at the Uni to show what we did while we were here. We had about 15 listeners for presentations of about 30 min each. It went quite well. Also, this was a little bit like a farewell meeting as our supervisors won't be in Adelaide next week, wherefore we'll just miss them when we leave.

Johannes and Verena


Our rental car has found us ;-)

Hello everyone,

we've been looking for a cheap rental car on standbyrelocs.com where you can find relocations for prices from $1 per day 🙂 Well, we got a call about a "luxury campervan" for our trip to Melbourne. Booked it for $5 a day plus $25 booking fee. And we get $60 for fuel if we hand in the receipts at the destination.

Here's the type of van we get: http://britz.com.au/motorhome-rentals-australia

See ya's ...
Johannes and Verena


Our “Weihnachtskalender”

Hey everyone,

look what was in our mail today 🙂 Pretty cool, huh?


Our "Weihnachtskalender"

Thanks to Hubbe for that!!!

Cheers, J & V

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Ok…. have you ever tried to bake a cake without a bowl, a beater or a scale? It’s not that easy and looks like that:


A pot is the bowl, a fork the beater and a spoon is the scale!
But the cakes got well and we hope the people will like them tomorrow!
See you
Verena and Johannes


Survey count

interviews: 10
questionnaires: 5

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Survey count

interviews: 6
questionnaires: 1

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Pilot testing the questionnaire …

is done 🙂

Going for the real thing now.

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