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Found a place to stay!

Hey everyone,

At the weekend we found a place to stay. It is a room within a 6 floor high student’s accommodation. We have two beds (which we put together) a nice desk, a small basin and lots of space in the cupboard to put in our few things we have here.
We are sharing the kitchen and the bathroom with the other students (all Asian), but we think it is ok.
It is located only 2km east of the CBD and about 4 km away from Uni. The suburb is called Rose Park and is pretty nice!
Here are two small pictures of room.



Adelaide weather

Hi guys,
Everyone says that South Australia (the state in which Adelaide is located) is supposed to be the driest state in the driest country in the world…
We think it really looks different at the moment!

weather Adelaide

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100 years of hostelling

Hey all,

guess what great news there is ... Hostelling has turned 100 years 🙂

For this reason we had a great, free dinner yesterday! They had chicken, rice, salad, noodles, cake and loads of more stuff. But it's not just been a dinner. At the beginning there were drummers presenting their skills and after eating we watched the beginning of a backpacker movie. Finally, we sang "Happy Birthday" to YHA and had some pieces of cake, which turned out to be something like chocolate brownies and banana something ... Anyway, it was great!

The souvenir handbook for 100 years of hostelling

The souvenir handbook for 100 years of hostelling


Just got aunt again!!!

This night at around 2 o’clock (German time) my sister Bianca just got her third son. His name is Jannis. He is 50 cm tall and weighs about 3025g.
Both, Bianca and Jannis, are well.

Congratulations to the whole family Purtsch! (also from Johannes)


Uniting Care Wesely Adelaide Inc. – UCW

UCW is the organization we will work with. Today we had our first meeting there. The people are all pretty nice and we have got a first idea about the projects we will do there. But good for us we will not start our project within the next 2 or 3 weeks. So we have time left to do a little bit of research before starting.

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First day at UniSA and house hunting

Today was our first day at the University of South Australia (UniSA). We got our computer logons, got introduced to a few people and had lots of time to search for a place to stay.
But this is not so easy, because we only want to stay for 3 ½ months …
We had a look at two different places, one in the CBD (Central Business District) and one in the close east of Adelaide. Both owners wanted people to stay longer L.
But hope springs eternal! At the moment we are staying at the youth hostel YHA which is actually pretty good for a hostel, but not the best place to stay for long time.


Arriving in Adelaide

Hey everybody,
we finally made our way to Adelaide. We are currently staying at the YHA (hostel). Right now we are trying to find a permanent place to stay at. We'll see how that will work out.
Greetings to everyone,
Johannes and Verena


Heading to Adelaide

Hello everyone,

We enjoyed some great days in Darwin and in Kakadu National Park ... Right now we are at the airport again as we'll head to Adelaide in about 1 1/2 hours. We probably won't upload any new info or pictures until some time next week as we don't have internet access (just like in the last days). But we'll report from our trip as soon as possible.

See ya, Verena & Johannes


Kakadu National Park

The night had been short when we got up at 4.45 a.m. to wait for our tour guide to pick us up at 5.50 a.m. With six other people and Jeff – our guide – we headed off to Kakadu. Kakadu is Australia's largest national park as it's twice the size of Belgium. It is 150km east of Darwin. We had three days to see everything.

First day:Crocodile

  • watching crocodiles (salties and freshies – don't swim with the salties; they'll eat you) and beautiful birds from a boat in the Mary River Wetlands (billabong)
  • enjoying wonderful Aboriginal rock art at Ubirr; gorgeous view over Nadab flood plain and at Arnhem Land
    great fire camp, didgeridoo and camping at Muirella Park

Second day:Twin Falls

  • learning about Aboriginal traditions: Playing the didgeridoo, getting to know Aboriginal hand craft, cooking the Aboriginal way and throwing spears at the pink pig 🙂
  • visiting the Twin Falls: It actually took us about 2 hrs for about 70 km on a street only allowed for 4WD vehicles. We had a boat carrying us to the falls through a wonderful valley up to the path that led to the Twin Falls where would then go to by foot.
  • visiting the Jim Jim Falls: We climbed over rocks about one kilometer to reach the base of Jim Jim. Right now the falls are dry as it's the dry season. As this is a place where there are no crocodiles directly at the falls we could go for a swim right to the base.
  • overnight camping at Maguk

Third day:swimming in plunge pools

  • swimming in awesome plunge pools high up at Barramundi Gorge
  • visiting Yellow Water to see some crocodiles
  • having a look at some of the termite mounts (there are thousands of them)
  • watching wild horses next to Old Jim Jim Road
  • heading back to Darwin


Darwin, a town with about 300,000 people, is the capital of the Northern Territory. We had only one day in town before our trip to Kakadu National Park. But the weather was great (something around 30 degrees celsius and no clouds at all) and we went to see the “Esplanade”, the harbor, the mall and lots of other stuff. Around noon we took part in guided tour through the parliament house. Our day ended in the really beautiful “deck chair cinema” (that's something like “Liegestuhlkino”) which actually happens to be an open air cinema. Guess which movie we saw under the stars … Australia 😉 Cool movie by the way.

P.S.: Note that cool hat Johannes got 😉