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Found a place to stay!

Hey everyone,

At the weekend we found a place to stay. It is a room within a 6 floor high student’s accommodation. We have two beds (which we put together) a nice desk, a small basin and lots of space in the cupboard to put in our few things we have here.
We are sharing the kitchen and the bathroom with the other students (all Asian), but we think it is ok.
It is located only 2km east of the CBD and about 4 km away from Uni. The suburb is called Rose Park and is pretty nice!
Here are two small pictures of room.


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  1. Awesome. I am glad you guys found a place to stay. Your postcards arrived today, thanks so much….although both arrived TODAY and were probably sent at different dates!
    Anyways, I hope you are having a good time…..since Johannes is wearing shorts, I guess the weather is pretty good!

    Hope to hear from you soon….maybe we can set up a time to skype or sth.!

    Greets from M+L+L

  2. As a reminder looking back at this: I always end up searching for the exact location over and over again … it’s in Watson Ave at the roundabout …

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