Third Sunday of Advent

Today already is the thirs Sundav of Advent and we only have one week left in Australia. Furthermore, only 11 days are left before Christmas…

Light the Advent candle three               Wir sagen euch an den Lieben Advent.
Think of heavenly harmony                   Sehet die dritte Kerze brent!
Angels singing “Peace on Erth”              Nun tragt eurer Guete hellen Schein
At the Blessed Saviour’s birth.               Weit in die dunkle Welt hinein.

Candle, candle burning bright,               Freut euch ihr Christen,
shining in the cold winter night              Freuer euch sehr!
Cndle, candle buring bright                    Schon ist nahe der Herr
Fill our hearts with Christmas light.

Airlie Beach

Hey everyone,
we’ve just arrived in Airlie Beach. Pretty warm (30 degrees) this evening.
Tomorrow we’ll go on a guided tour to the Whitsunday Islands just off shore … It’s supposed to be a very nice place. The day after tomorrow we’ll be on the road again …
Take care everyone 🙂

Kuranda Skyrail & Scenic Train

Today was our last sightseeing day in Cairns. After some reef experiences during the last days we headed towards the tropical rainforest. Sadly we also experienced some rain (the wet season is just starting here). Anyway, we were picked up at our hostel. Then we took the skyrail over the rainforest. There are 2 stations between the first and the last where you can get off and have a closer look at the rainforest on short paths. Pretty neat experience. Also, we went for short walks at the last station where the village of Kuranda is. A really tropical experience – warm and wet 🙂 At the end we made our way back on he scenic train where we also saw the Barron Falls.

Barron Falls (near Kuranda)
Barron Falls (near Kuranda)

Wicket number 10

Australian Christmas Postbox
Australian Christmas Postbox

Only two weeks to go! Get your wishes in the mail … 🙂 And remember, ‘no standing – reindeers only’!

About the mailbox: This mailbox stands right in the center of Adelaide at Victoria Square, one of the busiest places around here. It doesn’t seem like it, but the mailbox is something like 4 meters high (without the hat). It’s huge … On the front it says ‘Santa’s mailbox’ and on the left (the white sign) it says ‘no standing – reindeers only’ (looks just like a regular sign that prohibits parking/standing on streets).


Hey everyone,

We had a wonderful sunny anbd nice day out at the Great Barrier Reef! We both did two introductory dives (with scuba tank, stinger suit,…) and snorkeling. We saw lots of cool fish and corals of course … and had lots of fun 🙂