Back in Germany!

Hey everyone,

Sorry for writing soooo late, but we are back in Germany since Monday morning. We were lucky to arrived Frankfurt early in the morning, before it got closed because of the snow….

Johannes now is in Koblenz and Verena in Grevenbroich. We both didn’t have a problem with the time shift and are pretty well. We really enjoyed out Australian trip and are looking forward to do something similar (e.g. the semester abroad in our Masters) in another country soon.

We hope we will see you all soon, now that we are back.


Verena & Johannes


Hello, hello,

this morning we arrived in Sydney. Even though it’s pretty bad weather we had a good time up to now. We’ll certainly enjoy Sydney. We’ll tell you some more as soon as we are back in Germany next week.

This may be one of the last posts as this is our last stop. Also we’ve run out of credit on the mobiles, which we won’t reload. If you have sent us SMS or do so, please don’t expect an answer too soon. We may be switching to our German mobile numbers today to be able to communicate at least a little.

Anyway, we’ll do some more sightseeing today as the rain has stopped 🙂

See you all back home …

Third Sunday of Advent

Today already is the thirs Sundav of Advent and we only have one week left in Australia. Furthermore, only 11 days are left before Christmas…

Light the Advent candle three               Wir sagen euch an den Lieben Advent.
Think of heavenly harmony                   Sehet die dritte Kerze brent!
Angels singing “Peace on Erth”              Nun tragt eurer Guete hellen Schein
At the Blessed Saviour’s birth.               Weit in die dunkle Welt hinein.

Candle, candle burning bright,               Freut euch ihr Christen,
shining in the cold winter night              Freuer euch sehr!
Cndle, candle buring bright                    Schon ist nahe der Herr
Fill our hearts with Christmas light.