Semaphore beach

After we had spent the morning in the Uni to work a bit we drove to Semaphore by train. Semaphore is one of Adelaide’s suburbs up about 7 km in the north. There we spent a beautiful afternoon at the beach. It was around 30 °C, but it didn’t seem to be hot, because we had a cool sea breeze. When we arrived at Semaphore Johannes wanted to have an ice cream. I thought it wouldn’t be such a good idea, but we both got one. Beside the fact, that it was pretty big, we really had trouble to eat it before melting away… But as you can see on the picture it was really nice :).

Verena with ice cream at Semaphore

After work

Beside the fact, that we haven’t enjoyed the good weather the last two days and stayed at work from 7:30 in the morning till 5:30 in the afternoon, we left at 3:00 pm today. It was 31°C! So we decided to buy pizzas and eat them in one of the western park lanes on our way back home.


Johannes in the prak lanes
Johannes in the park lanes

Tomorrow it will be 36°C… finally the spring is here :).

Kangaroo Island

Hello, hello 🙂

I’m back … Saturday and Sunday on Kangaroo Island have been great!

I got up at around 5 am to be collected at the university later. At first we were only 3 people that were taken down to Kangaroo Island. First thing we did there was visiting a nice beach and Propect Hill (well, it’s been renamed to Mount Thifty or sth. as Prospect is a rather bad precinct of Adelaide). Kind of sounds like nothing, but by then it was already lunch time. That’s where we caught up to the guys from the 3-day tour with their guide with our’s heading back to the mainland.

I’ll not bother you with all the details, but just the highlights. We saw seals (close, i.e. about 20m), New Zealand sea lions (somewhat further away in their cave), penguins (very close, i.e. about 1m). Then there were the Remarkable Rocks and lots of other stuff to see 🙂

Lets’s get some impressions of it now:

New Zealand Fur-Seals on Kangaroo Island
New Zealand Fur-Seals on Kangaroo Island
One of the Remarkable Rocks
One of the Remarkable Rocks
A Seal at Seal Bay
Seals at Seal Bay

Verena alone in Adelaide

Hy everybody,

Now Johannes is away for his two days Kangaroo Island Tour (which I did last year) and I am alone for the first time in more than two month 🙂 As the shops don’t open until 11 I will first do a little bit for my thesis now and then go shopping!

See you

At the beach

Hello hello 🙂

We’ve got a nice picture for you … We went to Glenelg (a suburb of Adelaide) where we wanted to lie in the sun and swim a little. Well, we did lie in the sun (it’s been around 30°C today); only the water was freezing cold, so we swam only shortly.

The two of us at Glenelg Beach
The two of us at Glenelg Beach

See ya …

Morialta Conservation Park

G’day everybody …

After a lazy day yesterday we headed to Morialta Conservation Park today. It’s funny how many people go there on the weekends. Anyway we got nice weather with pure sunshine and went for a little bit of hiking. On our little trip we had some nice animal encounters 😉

A Koala at Morialta
A Koala at Morialta

One thing about the Koala, though. Usually they are rather brownish. This one is too (mainly its back), but not as much as the others.

A Kookaburra at Morialta
A Kookaburra at Morialta

Lazy Sunday

Hi guys,

Bicentennial Conservatory & Rose Garden
Bicentennial Conservatory & Rose Garden

This morning we decided to have a lazy Sunday and go to the Botanic Gardens and the Morialta Conservation Park. So we took part in a guided Botanic Gardens tour from 10:30 to 12:00. The guide explained the different plants in the gardens, where they are from, what is special about them, … It was very interesting! We then decided not to go to Morialta as the weather was warm (about 26°C), but clouds increased and thunderstorms where announced. Instead we stayed longer in the gardens and had a walk through the beautiful rose garden that is in flower at the moment and the Bicentennial Conservatory – a tropical rainforest house.

A Little Pied Cormorant
A Little Pied Cormorant

Then the weather got better again so that we enjoyed it lying in the grass and walking along the North Terrace. Back at home we were glad that we didn’t go to the Morialta as it started to rain 🙁 . We will now enjoy a nice evening and hope that you will also have a nice Sunday!

See you,
Verena & Johannes